Milk Tea
(Sm: $4.00 Lg $5.50)

Freshly brewed and premium tea. Hot and cold.
All our milk teas are made with a non-dairy creamer for a full & bold taste.
Add boba for that extra magic ($0.50).
🌿Caffeine Free

Classic Black Milk tea
Premium Assam black tea that delivers a deep, rich flavor.

Thai Milk Tea
Authentic Thai tea blended to perfection with condensed milk.

Earl Grey Milk Tea
Earl Grey tea hiding notes of citrus and extremely fragrant.

Chai Milk Tea
Warm, aromatic, and spiced all brewed to a creamy concoction.

Jasmine Green Milk Tea
Aromatic jasmine tea and green tea for something light and sweet.

Oolong Milk Tea
Tie Guan Yin Oolong tea offering another bold black tea option.
Japanese Matcha Milk Tea
Premium matcha latte giving you a boost with its umami flavor.
Cocoa Milk Tea
The classic rich and deep chocolate milk tea with drizzle chocolate.
Coffee Milk Tea
Choose your fighter: Vietnamese, Blue Mountain, or Cappuccino.
Taro Milk Tea 🌿
If warm were a taste, it would be taro: sweet and nutty (and now as a drink!)
Cantaloupe Milk Tea 🌿
Sweet refreshing melon drink.


Coconut Milk Tea 🌿
Slightly woody and nutty but always sweet. 

Mango Milk Tea 🌿
Coconut's side-kick and a perfect option for those partial to anything bright and tropical.


Honeydew Milk Tea 🌿
Underrated for its subtle sweetness, but its refreshing quality will surprise you.


Strawberry Milk Tea 🌿
Dare we say the perfect combination of sweet & sour. 

Fresh Fruit Tea 
(Sm: $4.00 Lg $5.50)

Fresh brewed tea infused with seasonal squeezed fruit and fruit concentrate. Available as cold only!

Thai Lemon Tea (OR Thai Tea Lemonade)
Classic Thai tea but with the milk replaced
with freshly squeezed lemon.


Strawberry Green Tea
A little floral here and a little sweetness there in one cup.


Mango Green Tea
The most tropical and hearty combination.


Passion-fruit Green Tea
When sweet & sour battles for the throne and green tea calms the whole flavor profile down.


Lychee Green Tea
A slight touch of tartness from the lychee made bright with the green tea.


Kumquat Lemon Honey Tea
The sourness of the kumquat really brings out the boldness in the honey.
Grapefruit Tea
Tangy citrus grapefruit giving another excellent bright option.
Peach Tea
Soft, subtle, sweet. The perfect trinity in this peach tea.


Strawberry Passion Tea
A combination of sweet, sour, and tartness swirled with green tea.


California Orange Green Tea
The classic tangy option that will never go wrong.  


Rose and Lychee Green tea
A sophisticated floral and tart-y mixture that is extra fragrant. 


Lavender Lemon Green Tea
A bright and sweet green tea made light with the lavender.

Yakult Drink
(ONE SIZE: $5.95)

Yakult is a probiotic milk drink popularized in
Asia for its distinct sweet & sour taste.

Mango Yakult
Strawberry Yakult
Passion fruit Yakult

Milk Foam (ONE SIZE: $5.95)

Frothy and extremely fun: our milk foam will not disappoint regardless of the drink it's topped on! Pick your winner and taste how the foam gradually blends and transforms your drink. 
Choice of Regular Milk foam or cheese Milk foam
Black Tea
Earl Grey
Thai Tea

Slush & Smoothies (ONE SIZE: $5.50)

The two Ss need no introduction and our selection offers both the classic flavors along with some novel pairings that will definitely be worth the brain-freeze.

Passion Fruit
Piña colada
Passion fruit-mango
Mixed Berry
Mango Yogurt

BBT Special

Brown sugar Bangkok Milk Tea $5.95
Brown sugar coated tapioca swirling in our signature milk tea.


Thai Tea Latte special $5.95
Thai Iced Tea Latte topped with creamy layer of float and chewy tapioca. 


You are My U-Bae $6.25
Taro milk tea with sweet, mellow ube paste coated inside the cup.


Vietnamese Coffee Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly $5.95
Deep, fragrant Vietnamese coffee taken to the next level with coffee jelly. 


Ovaltine Volcano Milk $6.25
Considered a convenience store classic in Bangkok: Iced cocoa topped with Ovaltine malt extract and condensed milk.


Strong Guy $6.26
Oolong green tea pairing quite nicely with Matcha paste coat inside the cup. 


Crème Brûlée Milk Tea $6.25
Like dessert but in a cup, this has your classic milk tea with crème brûlée coated inside the cup and topped off with milk foam and caramelized brown sugar.


Neon Fruit Tea $5.95
Green apple, passion fruit, and red beet tea have joined forces in a cup and topped with Passion fruit popping bubbles.


1. BOBA  (Tapioca) Most Popular
Chewy balls made from cassava plant
starch and coated with brown sugar.

Unlike tapioca, popping boba is coated with a thin gel-like exterior, made from seaweed extract, that “pops” when squeezed. It’s 100% vegan and available in:
- Strawberry
- Lychee
- Passion Fruit
- Mango

Made with real coconut meat (Nate De Coco), is 100% vegan and avaialbe in:
- Rainbow
- Lychee
- Mango Star
- Strawbery Heart
- Coffee

Nature’s ready-made jelly, aloe vera is soft and slightly chewy in texture.

Cooked adzuki red beans adds an oomph of sweet warmth to any drink.

6. Chai seed
Jelly-like on the outside and crunchy on the inside.

7. Basil Seed 
Similar to the chia seed, just slightly bigger.