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The Art of   Boba Tea

Bangkok Boba tea, your ultimate choice


The story behind



Even though my father is no longer here to watch Somewhere in Bangkok grow into a strong venue, I consider it to be as much his legacy as mine. For the past 14 years, I have been happily dedicated to this restaurant. And this is the most important thing to me: being able to live and nurture this place I built not as a job but as a happiness. Every praise and criticism I tuck into my chef’s apron and examine at the end of each work day I have used to improve and elevate the experience of dining at Somewhere in Bangkok. 


In March of 2020, COVID-19 ushered a new chapter into my life. The restaurant’s capacity was down to 50% and the back section of our place was left unused. Thanks to the loyalty and kindness of our customers, we have managed to survive by fulfilling mostly take out orders. However, with the drastic change in dining experience, I came back and contemplated what I could do with the unused section of the restaurant. At first, I had an idea for a bakery but preliminary planning revealed messy logistics. 


A lot of you probably know who we are and how we came to be. But for those who do not, our story began when I came to the US in 2004 with a dream. That dream was to open a restaurant with my father who loved to cook. This dream had its roots in most of my weekends when my father and I would try to recreate dishes we had particularly enjoyed at different establishments. We turned our kitchen into a little father-daughter recipe lab, adding a little bit more fish sauce here or sprinkling in more spice there, hoping for a breakthrough. Once we deemed our creation worthy, our family members would gather around as we dined under the guise of a taste test. Their feedback was as invaluable as the inside jokes and warmth traded between us. 


With my Thai roots in my heart and my father’s advice always a steady voice in my head, I succeeded in opening my own Thai Restaurant: Somewhere in Bangkok. I wished, and still do to this day, that my greatest champion could have witnessed what I was able to do with all that he had given me. Our time together ran its course when he passed away in 2009. 

Finally, I settled on an idea: drinks. One of the most popular Asian drinks is Bubble Tea or Boba. Curious at how I could replicate this drink, I have been experimenting with different ways to concoct Bubble Tea. My family, friends, and employees can attest to this fact as I routinely present them with different versions of this well-loved drink. Furthermore, I have yet to find a place that caters to this particular craving in our town. Thus, I have decided to introduce a new element to our restaurant.


My deepest thanks to my friends, family back in Thailand, and children whose support has been endless. Most importantly, thank you to my husband, my rock, whose quiet support and occasional hard stare has become the backbone in everything I do.

Image by Mitchell Luo


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